Make the Switch to Refrigerated Air Before the Summer Hits
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Make the Switch to Refrigerated Air Before the Summer Hits

man relaxing on the couch at home, leisure, relax and happiness Most people in El Paso are not even thinking about the hot weather. However, the heat sneaks up on the border city quickly in the spring. If you are thinking about switching from a swamp cooler, also known as an evaporative cooler, to a refrigerated air cooler, now is the best time. You won’t have to sit in a house without air conditioning while technicians switch out your HVAC units. Making the switch can be a big benefit to your household.

The Benefits of Refrigerated Air

Most people make the switch to refrigerated air because the difference in effective air conditioning just doesn’t compare. You don’t have to worry about your AC not working on humid days. You also don’t have to keep windows and doors cracked for effective cooling. There is also a lot more control when it comes to running a refrigerated unit. You can set an optimal temperature and let the system do the rest. There is no more getting up to flip the switch because the house is getting to cold. You also don’t have to worry about turning off the AC before you leave the house. Your house will always be the exact temperature you set the thermostat for.

The Newest Technology

A refrigerated air conditioner also offers the newest technology. You can get a new unit installed with the latest smart home features. It is possible to set the temperature at your house right before you step out of the office to head home. Control panels on your phone give you convenience and optimal control.

Make the Switch in the Fall or Winter

When you make the switch from a swamp cooler to a refrigerated unit in the cold El Paso months you don’t have to worry about going a few days without air conditioning. You also will be getting services during the slow season which means you won’t have to wait several weeks for an available technician.


Many homeowners worry that their current swamp cooler ductwork won’t be compatible with a new unit. However, this isn’t normally the case with most homes. It’s mainly a matter of switching out the systems and hooking up existing ductwork. If your technician thinks you need new ductwork they will make sure to give you all the details and what the work will entail.

Contact Scott Heating & Cooling Today

If you are considering making the switch to refrigerated air give Scott Heating & Cooling a call. One of our certified technicians will visit your home and assess your current unit and ductwork. They can recommend the right size AC for your specific needs.

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