Today’s NATE Technicians and the Future of the HVAC Industry
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Today’s NATE Technicians and the Future of the HVAC Industry

Like every industry, the HVAC industry is constantly changing due to the advent of new technologies, shifting construction practices, and the growing concern for energy efficiency. For us, it is important to consider the direction that these new technologies are taking our industry so that we can be better prepared to deal with the problems and issues that accompany all of these new methods and applications. The future of HVAC looks promising, so many new things happening; at the same time, that’s why Scott Heating and Cooling employs only the best trained and certified NATE technicians.

What is NATE?

NATE  is an acronym that stands for North American Technician Excellence. NATE is the nation’s largest nonprofit organization for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration technicians. The organization’s vision is to support and lead the industry in developing and recognizing professional HVACR technicians. They strive for excellence and have been representing the heating and cooling industry for over twenty years.

NATE was born out of a growing concern that people servicing, installing, and contracting heating and cooling systems and equipment were not properly trained or knowledgeable in what they were doing. This was causing all kinds of problems with unhappy customers, bad contracting, negligent installations, and equipment being returned due to lack of knowledge on how to install.

What a NATE Technician Means For You

Whether it is heater replacement or repair, refrigerated air conversion, or regular air conditioning repair, having a NATE technician perform the job for you guarantees a high degree of competency, knowledge, skill, and professionalism. At the same time, NATE develops their test to keep up with the growing demand and the changes in the industry. A NATE technician will then have added understanding of the new changes and equipment that are hitting the market.

The Future of HVAC

Anybody working in the HVAC industry will tell you that smart technology is affecting the way we do business and the way that heating and cooling will be thought of in the future. Consumers are already environmentally conscious and are constantly looking to conserve energy, reduce carbon footprints, and increase convenience.

Smart technologies: Home automation and smart technologies are becoming all the rage. More and more, people are looking for the convenience that smart technologies offer. Wi-fi thermostats, for example, are growing in popularity and slowly becoming far more mainstream and affordable.

Refrigeration: The truth is that this day and age, refrigerated air is much less expensive than it was in the past. In fact, the difference in maintenance and installation for both has been reduced in recent years. Central air conditioners are more efficient and save people money and energy in the short and long term.

Energy efficiency: As more and more people think about how they can maximize their energy spending, HVAC systems will be forced to become more energy efficient. An air conditioner with a high SEER rating will indicate the amount of energy savings. Energy Star and Energy Guide labels provide some good guides in knowing how much energy you might be saving.

Go With Quality HVAC Service

We ensure that our technicians are knowledgeable of the present and prepped for the future. Their training and skill work is extensive so that they can provide the right work for you. The future of HVAC looks promising, so many new technologies and possibilities to explore. When it comes to keeping your home or business a comfortable temperature, trust only in the experts of Scott Heating and Cooling.

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  • The Normans

    Thank you for the excellent job your men did. The man who gave us a bid, Sam Wolf, is top of the line and incredibly capable. Your installers who were here all day long were polite, helpful, and hard working. So were the men who did the insulation and the electrical work.

  • Velia E.

    Boy they saved our family a BUNCH of money! And ever since, every interaction with the Scott team has been fantastic. It is such a Blessing to have found the BEST HVAC COMPANY IN EL PASO...Thanks to Adrian, Israel, Gonzalo, and everyone on your team, you guys ROCK!!!

  • Thomas Gulick

    We were absolutely pleased with fast, excellent, knowledgeable person that came and had us "cooled down" again.