Right Now is the Perfect Time to Convert to Refrigerated Air
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Right Now is the Perfect Time to Convert to Refrigerated Air

Every year, Apple announces a handful of new iPhones; every few years, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo announce new gaming systems; car manufacturers continuously upgrade their vehicles in order to provide the best of the best to prospective shoppers. Change and upgrades are a necessity in our day and age, especially when there are so many new things coming up on the horizon. Everyone waits with bated breath to see the new batch of iPhones yet no one seems to pay too much attention to HVAC units. 

Many people have gotten used to the ritual of evaporative coolers. Open a few windows, turn on the “pump,” wait a few minutes, then turn the unit to pump cool air throughout your home. This may be the most archaic form of maintaining a comfortable temperature within any home. Having a swamp cooler in 2019 is almost the same as having an old-fashioned ice box in your kitchen. There have been so many advancements in technology, making converting from an unreliable swamp cooler to an efficient refrigerated air system as easy and effortless as possible. Scott Heating and Cooling is ready to bring your home into the 21st century!

What Goes Into Swamp Cooler Conversion

When converting from a swamp cooler to a refrigerated air unit, most of the hard work has already been taken care of. Refrigerated units will use the same air vents that already travel throughout your home. You won’t have to worry about your home getting entirely demolished for the simple comfort of cool (or warm) indoor temperatures. Instead of using a knob to dictate the indoor temperature, your refrigerated air unit will come with an intuitive control panel/thermostat which will give you the freedom to set your desired temperature. The refrigerated air unit will get to work to set the home temperature as you desire. Once it reaches that temperature, the unit will turn off automatically so you won’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night to turn the knob to the “Off” setting. 

Refrigerated air units, unlike swamp coolers, don’t require homes to have any airflow so you won’t have to worry about opening windows in order for your unit to work efficiently. Not only is this method tedious, it’s also unsafe! How often have you noticed you forgot to close the window? Once you upgrade to refrigerated air, you won’t have to worry about this ever again. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy reliable interior temperatures all year long. If you’d like to learn more about our swamp cooler conversion services, then give us a call! We’ll help you beat the heat.

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  • The Normans

    Thank you for the excellent job your men did. The man who gave us a bid, Sam Wolf, is top of the line and incredibly capable. Your installers who were here all day long were polite, helpful, and hard working. So were the men who did the insulation and the electrical work.

  • Velia E.

    Boy they saved our family a BUNCH of money! And ever since, every interaction with the Scott team has been fantastic. It is such a Blessing to have found the BEST HVAC COMPANY IN EL PASO...Thanks to Adrian, Israel, Gonzalo, and everyone on your team, you guys ROCK!!!

  • Thomas Gulick

    We were absolutely pleased with fast, excellent, knowledgeable person that came and had us "cooled down" again.