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4 Signs Your Home Needs a New Refrigerated Air System 

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In the past couple of decades, climate change has been setting records and breaking through with extreme temperatures. Being able to keep these uncomfortable temperatures from entering your home is your refrigerated air system’s responsibility. Although, if the air in the summer fails to keep you cool and fails to keep you warm in the winter, there just might be some internal problems. If you’re speculative of your HVAC’s performance, your gut feeling is most likely right. We’ve provided some red flags that indicate a need for replacement. 

Running for a Long Time

A well-functioning air conditioning system should be able to cool your house down within minutes, no matter how big or small your home may be. If you find that your air conditioner isn’t automatically turning the fan off after a while, it may be too old to carry on.


An old HVAC system is bound to create more noise as it ages. But there are certain noises that you have to look out for. If you begin to notice that the blower is humming louder, the furnace is banging, and that there is noise before the air conditioner starts, it’s definitely time to install a new air system.

Constant Maintenance

Along the way, every homeowner is destined to call contractors of all kinds. The majority of the parts that reside within an HVAC system are easily replaceable and manageable, but it comes to a point where it begins to be too much maintenance. Constantly hiring an air conditioning technician is enough to indicate the need for new refrigerated air. 

Ten Years and Up

If you tend to your HVAC system consistently, there is a good chance that it could live longer than anticipated. Failing to install repairs for your HVAC system within those first ten years is the most liable reason for future problems. Beyond the ten year mark is when you have to be prepared for major maintenance jobs or simply just replacing the entire system overall.

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