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How Do I Know My Heater Has Issues? 7 Clues (Plus A Bonus!)

Since El Paso is called the Sun City, it’s pretty common that people only consider the heat when thinking about the weather. However, anyone who’s lived through an El Paso winter can tell you that it can definitely get pretty cold. 

How Do I Know My Heater Has Issues? 7 Clues (Plus A Bonus!)

How cold? This winter has seen temperatures as low as 20 degrees! That’s well below freezing! 

So, needless to say, a working heater is pretty important. But how do you know if your heater is in good condition, or what signs may mean work needs to be done. Well, Scott’s Heating and Cooling has you covered. Learn about telltale signs of heater issues in our latest blog! 

#1 Heater Blowing Cold Air

attractive girlfriend reading book and boyfriend in winter outfit with cup warming up near heater

The purpose of your heater is to…well, heat your home. If your heating system is blowing cold air, then you’ve got a big issue. 

If you’re getting a face full of cold air when you turn your heater on, you may have the pilot light or a component called the thermocouple. Our team has worked with many cases like these, so rest assured we can get you back to hot air in no time. 

Got cold spots in your home? They could be caused by the same or different issues (like ductwork), so give us a call if you have cold spots too. 

#2 Heater Blowing Weak Air 

A pretty similar issue to the one above, weak air keeps your home from getting to the temperature that you want. Weak air can be caused by a lot of different issues, but the most common (and easiest to fix) is dirty air filters. 

If the problem is your filter, we can simply pop in a new one and boom! You’re good to go. 

#3 Rising Energy Bills

Electricity bill is really high this month in El Paso TX

If your energy bill has been slowly rising but you haven’t changed the way you’ve been using your heater, the heating system may be the culprit. 

There are quite a few reasons why this could be happening; problems with internal components, ductwork, and your filter could all contribute. In these cases, our expert technicians turn into HVAC sleuths, quickly finding issues and proposing the best fix. 

It’s best to monitor your monthly bill closely to catch these issues early on. 

#4 Water Leaks 

Water leaks are one of those most commonly misunderstood issues when it comes to HVAC. If it’s coming from the AC unit, it’s usually a simple fix. If it’s from the furnace itself, you need to call a professional right away.

Our technicians are on-call 24/7/365, so feel free to call us the moment you notice any kind of leak. 

#5 Constant Cycling

Woman adjusting thermostat on white wall. Heating system

Furnace turns off and on way too often? That may be a not-so-subtle sign that your heating system is experiencing some issues. Again, a dirty filter may be the culprit; problems with the thermostat itself is also a pretty common issue. 

If your filter is fine, then it’s probably best to have a professional come take a look. Cycling too often is a huge contributor to a bigger energy bill and more wear and tear. 

#6 Yellow Pilot Light 

A yellow pilot light is another sign you’re missing out on some efficiency and heat. While a yellow flame is great for your candles, your furnace burner should be blue. A blue burner means the natural gas is being utilized well, while yellow indicates that some natural gas isn’t getting burned. 

Beware of carbon monoxide (CO)! Yellow burner flames may indicate CO isn’t being properly vented, which can put everyone in your home in jeopardy. Always have a carbon monoxide detector installed to catch rising CO levels. 

#7 Old Age/Constant Repairs 

a really old heater

Finally, if your unit is old (15+ years) and/or it constantly has issues or needs repairs, it may be time to consider a full replacement. The components in older units can only be altered/repaired/replaced so much before the cost of keeping it outweighs the cost of a whole new unit.

Also, older units can potentially be a danger, as they may be prone to gas leaks or serious malfunction. 

Scheduling an inspection with us can help you determine if your current unit can be salvaged or if it’s time to move on. 

Bonus Issue – Lack Of Constant Maintenance

Haven’t had your furnace checked in a year or more? You may be setting your furnace up for future issues. HVAC technicians use preventative maintenance to check and maintain all problem areas before they can lead to big problems. 

Scott Heating and Cooling offers El Paso’s best maintenance plans, saving our customers thousands in repairs and replacement costs over the lifetime of their equipment. 

Choose Scott Heating and Cooling To Maintain Your Furnace!

When dealing with complex systems, you want to use an HVAC team you can trust. Scott Heating and Cooling has been El Paso’s leading HVAC and plumbing company for years, with a track record of satisfaction and quality to back us up. 

Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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