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Enhancing Your Air Conditioner with With Regular Cleaning

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With the warm weather of El Paso finally coming into full effect, homeowners are preparing themselves to put their air conditioning back to use. During the colder months, homeowners seldom turn on their air conditioning units, static until they are needed again. As time goes on, you’ll notice that dust and residue can easily collect within your HVAC system, especially if your air conditioning unit has been inactive for a while. Keeping your air conditioner clean is essential, especially during these turbulent times regarding COVID-19. When people comprise cleaning duties for their homes, air conditioners are too often overlooked. We discuss some important motives when it comes to regularly cleaning your HVAC system.

Particles: Allergens and More

The warm weather usually kicks in during the spring season, which is also the time of year that is most responsible for spreading allergies and infections. If these allergens and infectious particles (including fungi, harmful bacteria, germs) were to somehow enter your air conditioning unit, the blower fan could suck them in and they’ll be circulated throughout each room of your home. It becomes more likely for your household members to become sick or suffer from allergies as well. This can pose a danger if you or one of your family members suffers from respiratory problems, asthma, etc. Furthermore, small components that you use in your home such as sheetrock or roof material can decrease the lifespan of your equipment by inducing damage. By cleaning out your air conditioner, you can prevent the need for maintenance or even a complete unit replacement. 

Preventing Buildup of Mold and Mildew

Areas that are high with moisture provide mold and mildew with the perfect setting to grow and thrive. This another reason why it is crucial that you clean or change your air conditioner, more specifically the filter, regularly. You can further eliminate the chances of mold and mildew by installing a UV air purifier (with the help of an HVAC technician, of course). An air purifier breaks down any unwelcome substances and keeps the vicinity clean.

Lower Electricity Bills and Costs 

In a normal household or setting, cooling systems already account for a significantly large portion of your overall monthly electricity bill. On the same note, a dirty air conditioner can increase your utility costs as they tend to consume more power mainly because it is forced to work harder, especially through low maintenance. By cleaning your air conditioning unit, you can reduce your unit’s need to work harder and further prevent the likelihood of shutting down on you, especially in the peak of warm weather. Furthermore, you can expect to save more money in regard to your electricity bills and utility costs. 

Avoiding The Need for Future Air Conditioner Repairs and Replacement 

Your air conditioner should be able to fully function for years on end. If you leave your air conditioner to run and operate in dirty conditions, this can eventually lead to bigger problems and the very worst, system failure. As your air conditioning unit gathers more dust and dirt, it will become more difficult to clean. Additionally, your unit can overheat as the evaporator coils will eventually be unable to dissipate heat effectively. Ice builds are also a potential consequence. These minimal problems can easily be avoided by having your air conditioner cleaned regularly, especially with the help of an HVAC contractor or company. 

Not only does having a professional clean your HVAC help with depleting dirt and residue, but a professional can also detect any other areas for failure or potential problems. This can help prevent expensive repairs, or more so, having to replace your air conditioning unit, overall. While it is true that costs are inevitable when it comes to maintenance for your AC, this is much cheaper than computing the costs of further repairs and replacement. 

More Room for Cool and Fresh Air 

Above all, when you remove dirt, residue, grime, and particulate matter from your air conditioner, you can expect to experience high-quality cooling like never before. Circulating fresh air is possible when you rid your unit of dust, dirt, and other contaminants that can impede its ability to execute high-quality air conditioning. 

Keep Your HVAC Intact with Scott Heating and Cooling

The city of El Paso has already reached ninety-degree weather. If you want to stay cool, comfortable, and relaxed with the help of your air conditioning, we can provide you with the maintenance and cleaning services you need to achieve your desired atmosphere. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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  • The Normans

    Thank you for the excellent job your men did. The man who gave us a bid, Sam Wolf, is top of the line and incredibly capable. Your installers who were here all day long were polite, helpful, and hard working. So were the men who did the insulation and the electrical work.

  • Velia E.

    Boy they saved our family a BUNCH of money! And ever since, every interaction with the Scott team has been fantastic. It is such a Blessing to have found the BEST HVAC COMPANY IN EL PASO...Thanks to Adrian, Israel, Gonzalo, and everyone on your team, you guys ROCK!!!

  • Thomas Gulick

    We were absolutely pleased with fast, excellent, knowledgeable person that came and had us "cooled down" again.