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How to Keep Your Commercial HVAC Going All Winter Long

February 4, 2020

It may be cold outside, but your commercial HVAC keeps humming away because not only is it charged with keeping you cool in the summer, it is also responsible for maintaining the temperature during the winter, as well. However, that should not stop you from taking some necessary steps to keep it running. If you think your commercial HVAC needs maintenance, Scott Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can help.

Winter is the Perfect Time for Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance

If you do not already have a service plan with a local commercial HVAC company, then you should look into one before the temperature begins to climb again. Most service agreements cover rooftop units, chillers, boilers, compressors, air handlers, cooling towers, pumps, variable speed drives, controls, and accessories. Also, be sure your contract includes a preventive maintenance plan that is tailored to meet the unique needs of your building. It should be designed to provide the most comfortable and safe environment for everyone during the winter months.

Once a contract is signed, a technician should come out to clean and tune up the system. They will be able to spot and fix any impending issues that may be occurring. In addition, while the professional commercial HVAC technician is on site, they can calibrate all the thermostats in your commercial property. This is important because if thermostats are too far off from each other, systems will not be as efficient as they could be or worse, you could have simultaneous heating and cooling. Finally, ask about having the condenser coils cleaned, as well. However, if this is not covered, you can take a power washer to the roof and do it yourself.

Change the Filters on Your Commercial HVAC

Even during the winter, you should continue to check your filters each month and change as needed. Air filters should be changed at least three times a year. Air filters are designed to catch dust and other particles that pass through the air. The office air quality directly affects the condition of air filters. Dirty filters can restrict airflow and curb the efficiency of your entire commercial HVAC system. Moreover, higher quality filters can save you on both maintenance and replacement costs in the long run. They also offer an improved level of indoor air quality.

Winter is the Perfect Time to Change Your Commercial HVAC
If your utility bills continue to climb, it may be time to replace your aging commercial HVAC with a new, more efficient unit. If your company is located in the El Paso area, Scott Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can help with that and all your commercial HVAC needs.

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