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What’s the Difference Between a Package HVAC and a Split System?

January 4, 2020

Unlike other items you may buy that come already assembled, with every part included, your HVAC is a bit different. When it comes to buying a new HVAC, you have two options: a package HVAC unit or a split system. Let’s go over some of the key differences between the two and evaluate the pros and cons.

Package HVAC vs. Split Systems

A package HVAC unit combines multiple units, such as an air conditioner and heater, into a single unit. The unit is usually placed outside. Split systems, on the other hand, divide each system into its own unit, so your heater and air conditioner are separate. While these are the biggest differences between the two, both kinds of systems are capable of heating and cooling your home efficiently. However, each comes with its own pros and cons.

The Pros and Cons of a Package HVAC Unit

No matter which system you buy, you’ll have to deal with the advantages and disadvantages of each. The pros and cons of a package HVAC unit include:

Pros: One great thing about a package HVAC unit is that every part of it is manufactured and assembled in a factory, or in other words: a controlled environment. This minimizes the chances of the unit being damaged or having defects. Another advantage is that, since the motors and refrigerant are added during the first assembly, the unit will work more efficiently. When installing the unit in your home, the only thing that will need to be additionally installed is the ductwork, which is often pre-existing. Other advantages include easy installation, more room in the interior of your home—since the unit is installed outside—and easy maintenance because everything is stored in a single unit.
Cons: Some of the cons of a package HVAC unit include is that it has the undergo harsh weather conditions, such as El Paso’s hot summer days or excessive rain, and they often don’t last as long as split systems because of rust and damage from animals, who use the unit for warmth and then chew through the wires.
The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Split System
Just like the package unit, the split system also has its fair share of pros and cons:

Advantages: Units and control panels for split system units can be stored in attics and basements, protecting them from the elements. The control panel is generally easier to use as well, giving you more control over your unit. Plus, with more control, the more efficient your unit and home will be, saving you money and energy. On top of that, split systems typically are easier on the eyes and ears, since they look nicer and can be much quieter than package units.
Disadvantages: Some disadvantages of installing a split system include possible poor installation, which can result because a) the company you go with doesn’t have enough experience to install a split system and b) split systems are more complicated to install than package units because, well, they’re split. They may also cause complications with the refrigerant that a package unit won’t give you.
Since each unit has its ups and downs, there is no real winner or loser. It’s important to choose one that best fits your needs, such as the size of your home and the frequent weather patterns where you live. What’s important is that you go with a company that can help you properly choose, install, and maintain your unit. Scott Heating, Cooling & Plumbing in El Paso can help. Call us today to learn more!

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