Tankless Water Heater Installation & Repair Servicesfor El Paso and Surrounding Areas

At Scott Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we’re proud to include tankless water heaters in our lineup of water heating products. Producing hot water on demand whenever you need it, these energy-stingy systems offer an appealing alternative to traditional storage tanks.

Tankless Water Heater Diagram

How a Tankless Water Heater Works

Conventional water heaters work by keeping gallons of water hot 24/7 just in case you need it. That kind of standby operation accounts for most of your water heating costs. In contrast, tankless models provide hot water only as needed. As the name suggests, tankless water heaters have no storage tank. Instead, they use high-powered burners to heat the water on demand. A heat exchanger warms the water lines to the desired temperature and sends it wherever it’s needed. This process can continue indefinitely, so you never run out of hot water.

Energy-Efficient Operation

By eliminating the need for standby heating, a gas or electric tankless water heaters saves enormous amounts of energy. They’re 24 to 34 percent more energy efficient than storage tank water heaters. If your household uses a lot of hot water, you can save even more by installing multiple tankless units. According to the government’s Energy Star experts, that kind of strategy can cut your water heating costs in half. A tankless gas water heater typically offers the most savings, but there are ultra-efficient electric models available as well.

Why Go Tankless?

Saving money is just one of the reasons that make going tankless is a smart move for home and business owners in El Paso, Texas. The technology offers additional advantages over conventional water heating systems.

  • A tankless water heater delivers water directly from the source. It doesn’t stagnate in a tank waiting for you to use it. The water you use to wash dishes or take a shower will be fresher and cleaner.
  • Unlike storage water heaters, tankless models take up very little space. Around the size of a suitcase, they mount easily on any exterior or interior wall of your home or business.
  • A gas or electric tankless water heater can last twice as long as a storage tank unit. Aside from an annual cleaning, they also require less maintenance and need fewer repairs than storage models.

Trust Scott Heating, Cooling & Plumbing to provide you with energy-saving solutions for your water heating needs. Our focus on customer service ensures you’ll be 100-percent pleased with the results. We guarantee it! Call us today to learn more about installing a tankless water heater for your home or business.

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