Blown Insulation in El Paso

Blown insulation in an atticHave you ever felt cold even when the heat is on high, felt a draft that comes from nowhere, or do certain rooms in your home have extreme temperature differences? This may be due to poorly insulated walls or no insulation at all.  Properly insulating your home can improve its energy efficiency and create a comfortable and consistent indoor climate. Blown insulation is actually an excellent choice. It is energy efficient and easier for our technicians to install.

Insulate Rooms in Your House

Would you like to convert your garage into a man cave?  Make it a sports bar, party headquarters for all the games, a poker pit for you and your buddies… Let Scott Heating & Cooling get it started with garage insulation.

Call in the Experts

Scott Heating & Cooling is an expert in the latest techniques, insulating right through your exterior brick, stucco, and wood panels. Insulating your home will have a huge impact on your heating and cooling bills! Let us help you save energy and money now! Contact us for a free estimate to make your home more energy efficient than you ever thought possible.