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Residential Blown Insulation

residential Blown insulation in an attic

Have you ever felt cold even when the heat is on high, felt a draft that comes from nowhere, or do certain rooms in your home have extreme temperature differences? This may be due to your walls being poorly insulated or not having any insulation at all. Properly insulating your home can improve its energy efficiency and create a comfortable and consistent indoor climate. Blown insulation is an excellent choice for this. Scott Heating & Cooling specializes in blown insulation and can help you eliminate drafts in your home so you can stay more comfortable throughout the year. Blown insulation is energy efficient and easier for our technicians to install, making it a great choice.

What is Blown Insulation?

Blown insulation is a form of insulation that is applied by using a tool to blow it into a certain area. Blown insulation is made from fiberglass, which is a type of glass that is made into small fibers. Fiberglass is great for insulation because it’s resistant to mildew, mold, and moisture buildup, all of which can be damaging to your home. If you’re looking to insulate your home, blown insulation is the way to go.

Insulate Rooms in Your House

We can improve your home’s insulation by adding blown insulation to every room of the house. We can also help you if you’re looking to convert your garage into a room, insulate an attic, or insulate a room that is detached from your home. With blown insulation, you can make these rooms anything you want them to be! Make it a sports bar, party headquarters for games, or a poker pit for you and your buddies. The possibilities are endless. Let Scott Heating & Cooling transform that room with blown insulation.

Why Blown Insulation?

Blown insulation is a great option for insulating your home. Since it can be installed easier than other kinds, we can install it much more quickly and easily. It’s efficient and long-lasting and gets the job done right. Some of the benefits include:

  • Low costs
  • Better insulation
  • Reduced noise
  • Fire resistant
  • High-quality material
  • Energy efficient

Call in the Experts

Scott Heating & Cooling is an expert in the latest techniques, insulating right through your exterior brick, stucco, and wood panels. Insulating your home will have a huge impact on your heating and cooling bills! Let us help you save energy and money! Contact us for a free estimate to make your home more energy efficient than you ever thought possible.


  • The Normans

    Thank you for the excellent job your men did. The man who gave us a bid, Sam Wolf, is top of the line and incredibly capable. Your installers who were here all day long were polite, helpful, and hard working. So were the men who did the insulation and the electrical work.

  • Velia E.

    Boy they saved our family a BUNCH of money! And ever since, every interaction with the Scott team has been fantastic. It is such a Blessing to have found the BEST HVAC COMPANY IN EL PASO...Thanks to Adrian, Israel, Gonzalo, and everyone on your team, you guys ROCK!!!

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    We were absolutely pleased with fast, excellent, knowledgeable person that came and had us "cooled down" again.