Commercial HVAC in El Paso

commercial HVAC on top of roofAnyone that owns a commercial building and pays an electrical bill knows that commercial HVAC systems can be expensive even when running perfectly. Now take that system and add in a couple service issues that make the system less efficient and now you have an even more expensive situation.

Purchasing A New Commercial HVAC Might Make More Sense

If you are running a commercial HVAC that is more than 7 years old, you should look and compare it with new units. With some of the tax breaks offered, it may make sense to upgrade to a newer system. The newer unit will be more efficient than yours and should lower your current electrical bills.

Proper Maintenance is Key

Additionally, there are many low cost to no-cost methods of reducing your energy usage for your company. One the best ways to reduce your energy use is to have your commercial HVAC system properly maintained to insure all parts are working correctly and as efficiently as possible. This one step could save you a great deal of money. It is well known that if your HVAC system has a problem and goes without maintenance, that problem can get worse and lead to really high repair costs and major equipment replacement.

Contact Us for a New Installation or Repairs

Contact a Scott Heating & Cooling service specialist to come out and inspect your equipment and insure all is running properly and you have no problems.