Scott Heating & Cooling for all your commercial needs

Mechanical Electrical PlumbingFrom your small convenience stores to your multi-story hotels, and everything that falls in between, let Scott H&C be your next mechanical, electrical, and plumbing company of choice. We specialize in a wide selection of HVAC products that will fit your needs on any size project, as well as the knowledge and know how to ensure proper installation and function.

Backed by our NATE Certified and factory trained techs to do start-up and commissioning of all equipment we install, allowing us to keep everything in-house. So for your next big or small project, choose Scott H&C with confidence, knowing you will get a team that stands behind the first piece of duct that is installed, all the way to the last unit that is started up.

We strive to build a strong relationship with every general contractor or customer we do business with and back our product 100 percent! Give us the opportunity to quote your next commercial job.