New Air Conditioner Installation

A/C units connected to apartment buildingAre you looking to convert from your swamp cooler? Is your air conditioner and heating system getting a little older? An older system could potentially be costing you due to a loss in energy efficiency or leaving you uneasy about breaking down altogether. When this happens, you need a company you can depend on to provide you with quality service and products. Scott Heating & Cooling is that company. We offer a wide variety of refrigerated air units and expert technicians.

Switching to Refrigerated Air

If your swamp cooler isn’t cutting it for you, our technicians can conduct a refrigerated air conversion. Most homeowners don’t realize that making the switch is not as complicated as they think. Usually, the existing ductwork is perfect for the new unit. Not only that, a refrigerated AC comes with plenty of benefits. A refrigerated air cooling system is definitely more efficient. You will also be pleased when you don’t need to leave windows and doors cracked anymore. Refrigerated air conditioners also tend to break down a lot less often than swamp coolers.

Our Technicians are HVAC Experts

After contacting us, we will come out and assess your air conditioner situation. We will explain our line of products and give you options that fit your unique home. All our estimates are free and we even have financing options that you might want to consider. Our NATE certified technicians will come out to your home and see the job from beginning to end. We will prepare your home to meet any electrical requirements, remove your old system, and install your new, high-efficiency system. We provide the highest level of quality for all applications of HVAC systems.

Here are some of the HVAC installation and services we provide:

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