• I am writing on behalf of my grandmother, Virginia White, who had her heater worked on today on Piedras St. She was impressed with your employee Jesse Mendoza and the quality of work your company’s workers performed. Mr. Mendoza was very professional, polite and honest, and he made my grandmother feel at ease about having her heater worked on because of his knowledge and expertise in his field. She was also extremely impressed by the professionalism, punctuality, and quality of work your employees performed. They were very clean and quick. Not only were your prices the best in comparison to your competitors, but the overall experience with your company was top notch. Thank you, Scott Heating & Cooling for a job well done and for a happy grandmother. We will be referring your company to our friends and family.

  • Just a few lines to express my long over due gratitude and delight for the installation, the unit and most importantly your workers. You have quite a fine team of highly experienced, knowledgeable, polite, gentlemen working with you. I have enjoyed my unit for over 2 years now and recently called your office for help on a little issue that has bugged me since inception. Ruben took my call and immediately dispatched assistance. Mr. Job Gomez arrived punctually, shortly after I explained my concern he found a quick and effective fix for a tight fitted space when pulling out the filter for cleaning. This issue was resolved in under five minutes! I am grateful to him and all your staff for the quick response. You guys ROCK! Thank you again.

  • We called Scott Heating & Cooling so that they can come out and fix our AC. They responded immediately and came to our home within a week. The house has been a lot cooler since they came to fix the problem. The contractors are nice and courteous and the installers were quick and did a good job.

  • Scott Heating & Cooling put in my cooling and heating. These guys were the best. They were so professional and I could overhear their conversation while they were working and they weren’t cussing or using dirty language. They carried themselves with a great professionalism that I wasn’t even expecting. Their service, as well as their contractors, were excellent. I rate their business the highest!

  • They installed my new furnace. I was very impressed with their work. The two guys that were here were excellent workers. I tend to ask a lot of questions, and they answered every question I had. Overall service was really excellent and I was very very happy with the results.

  • We are happy to write this review because our experience with Scott Heating & Cooling was so pleasant. They were professional throughout the process, from the estimate to completion. The price was fair and competitive. They were punctual and even completed the job 1 day ahead of time. They were neat and polite. They answered all of our questions and were informative about the new equipment they were installing. They were prompt to return our calls after the installation was complete. Overall and A+ rating.

  • Dear Scott Heating & Cooling Administrators,

    I am writing on behalf of Mr. & Mrs. Willie & Alma Salazar who recently became customers of Scott Heating & Cooling. Since my parents are unfamiliar with using e-mail, they asked for me to write a letter on their behalf to the Administrators of your organization to express their sincere appreciation and satisfaction regarding the services they recently received.

    Allow me to preface this by explaining that my parents are both senior citizens, who live on a very fixed income in a home that is well over 50 years old. Although they contemplated converting their heating and cooling systems for quite some time, they hesitated because of the high cost and the impression that the process to convert to a refrigerated system would be very cumbersome. Therefore, for many years they just suffered through sweltering heat in the summer and bitter cold in the winter. This is something I felt helpless with as well as it was hard for me to see them struggle through the elements with each changing season. However one fine day my parents came across an advertisement for Scott Heating & Cooling so they decided to give you a call. After receiving several estimates from other competitors, my parents minds were put at ease by Mr. Lee Stephens. Mr. Stephens did a wonderful job of selling your products and services, explaining the process, discussing their payment options and what course of action might be best to suit their financial needs. Ultimately they decided to convert in two parts. They converted heating first and the cooling system is to come in the Spring of 2014.

    When the work finally began at home, your technicians also helped to make this process smooth and successful. One of the most dreaded portions of the conversion was the replacement of the old air ducts in their home. My parents imagined that they would have a gaping hole in their ceiling for weeks with debris falling everywhere. Mr. Thomas Dufour who I believe is subcontracted by Scott, Mr. Fernie Ruiz and Mr. Richard Pearson made sure that this was not the case. In no time flat, the old rusted air ducts were removed and replaced and the dry wall on the ceiling was repaired as if the whole thing had never happened!!  The technicians demonstrated efficiency and professionalism in their work. They were very kind and courteous throughout the process also answering any questions my parents had along the way.  This type of courtesy is invaluable to any customer but much more so to senior citizens who often get taken advantage of and who are often treated poorly.

    My parents had also filed a claim to have their insurance company replace their damaged roof during the same time that their heating and cooling system was being converted. It is important to note how well your technicians worked with the roofing contractor as well. Fernie Ruiz in particular made great effort to coordinate services with the roofer to make sure that neither would interfere with the others work and that their simultaneous services would work efficiently in the best interest of the customer.

    In all the process in doing business with Scott Heating & Cooling was seamless and extremely satisfactory. My parents have the peace of mind that they received quality services with quality products and in addition they can have the assurance that they will receive the same quality of service with the ongoing maintenance of their unit. And all of this …on top of the fact that they got to star in a commercial!!!   Yes, my adorable parents are the “STARS” of the new marketing commercial for Scott Heating & Cooling currently being advertised on KFOX channel 14. They were very happy and proud to participate in making this commercial because after all… they are very satisfied customers.

    On behalf of myself and my family, thank you for living up to your promise as stated on your website:  “We guarantee that you will be provided with the customer satisfaction that you deserve.”  You have proven to be a very reputable organization and we are happy to have done business with you.

    P.S. Thank you for making my parents “movie stars”!  I cannot explain how tickled I am to see their adorable faces in front of the house I grew up in on television, representing a deserving organization such as yours.